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Finstech has been a renowned manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art heating and cooling coils for HVAC products, products are condenser coils, cooling coils, heat exchangers, and AHU coils since 2015.
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The industry-leading manufacturer of air conditioning technology

Heat exchange products, condensers, coils, chilled water, hot water & steam coil and more

Superior quality

As a reputed manufacturer of HVAC coils for industrial and commercial use, we ensure that all orders meet our high standards of quality and deliver the best possible results.

Custom - Fit

All our HVAC coils are custom-made to order. Whether you need standard or specialized coils, our experts pay close attention to ensure that every detail is to your satisfaction.

Long-lasting warranties

We are confident in the quality and durability of our work, which is why we provide firm guarantees for all types of orders.

Our products for HVAC industry

Heat Exchangers
Condenser Coils (Straight ,C shape & L shape)
Evaporator Coils (Straight ,C shape & L shape)
Dx Cooling Coils (Straight ,C shape & L shape)
Chilled Water Coils
Hot Water Coils
Steam Coils
RH coils
Condensing unit (New product)


Extend the lifetime of your HVAC products

PVC coating for exposed copper

Pre coated Blue Chemical with 1000 hrs salt spray tested (equalant to Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic)

Fincoat coating for entire product with Spray & Dip process with baking (Recommended for Off shore products and highly corrosive atmosphere).

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