Aluminium fin and tube condenser

With Finstech Industries custom design of new and replacement condenser coils, we produce quality coil solutions based on your specific project needs.

• Aluminum
• Copper
• Thickness: 1 – 3 mm
• Aluminium
• Galvanized steel

• Copper, Stainless steel, Aluminium
• 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″ copper tubing
• Smooth, Smooth thick-walled, Grooved
• Connection to several circuits available

Available in both copper, aluminium & S.S fin variations, we design and manufacture custom-made condenser coils based on your specifications and project needs. Based on client requirements, we have produced coils ranging up to 20+ feet for industrial HVAC applications. Finstech’s coil manufacturing capabilities include Plain smooth and grooved refrigeration grade copper tubes, with tube diameters of 7 mm, 3/8”, ½”, and 5/8”. Tube Option extended to SS in ½” & 5/8” O.D

We not only reproduce existing OEM condenser coil designs but also create specialized replacement designs (Retro fitting job) to ensure an exact fit for your applications that you can’t find anywhere else on the market. (We had done specially retro fitted job for “KG-D6 offshore Natural Gas  site at Kakinada- Andhra Pradesh through Carrier Ltd- Total line with Copper fin & tube with Anti corrosive coating.”

Our superior engineering and continuous innovation have made us the leading HVAC coil manufacturer for commercial and industrial clients in a number of sectors, from large air conditioning industries to food processing and preserving facilities.

Need guidance in selecting the best coil solutions or measuring your application dimensions with software facility option ?

We can help. Our experienced team of engineers can help to assess your project needs and create cost-efficient, durable, and high-performing custom condenser coils for your needs. We also provide  protective anti-corrosion coating to increase your coil's durability and service life of our products on requirement of a client.

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Technical Specifications

3/8” (9.52mm)25.4mm x 22mmInner grooved or SmoothLouvered/Corrugated sinewave/PlainZigzag / plain6 to 18As per customer requirement
1/2” (2.7mm)31.5mm x 27.5mm & 35 mm x 35 mmSmoothCorrugated sine waveZigzag / plain3 to 14As per customer requirement
5/8” 44.45 mm x 38.1 mm SmoothLouvered/Corrugated sinewave/PlainZigzag / plain10 to 14 As per customer requirement
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